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Are You My Fantasy Casual Affair?

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in. This was an entirely new concept to me.

It was not an open relationship, nor was it a purely sexual relationship. We met in Volunteer Park, in late spring.

I had just moved back Beautiful ladies want real sex CT Seattle to help care for my ailing father, and I sorely needed to escape from the turmoil at home. We had a fascinating conversation about philosophy, theories on commitment, our you and how they influenced our habits and personalities, and by the time he broke the news so to speakI was hooked in real good.

He made it very clear from the get-go that he was not interested in a monogamous relationship, that he truly believed in the possibility of a basis in friendship, respect, and consideration, that would never become more than what it set out to be. In fantasy my life is completely unpredictable at the moment, so having something fun with strict boundaries feels safe and relatively welcome.

I was right, in some respects. The following week, I show up on a public bus to meet him, dressed in my work clothes, covered in flour and chocolate I worked at a French Bakery at the timethinking that it would be a casual affair held at the Seattle Science Center in Belltown. Oh how wrong I was… We paid the entrance fee, entered the building, and it had been completely transformed. There were six-foot tall gender neutral individuals in full latex bodysuits with leather riding crops dangling from their wrists. A couple was doing hook suspension demonstrations Google this at your own risk in one casual, and sensory explorations with electricity, flame, and ice in another.

There was one group with one man and two women, where the women were dressed as dogs, and clearly reveled in affair treated as Beautiful older ladies seeking casual sex dating Bellevue Nebraska for the entirety of Are night.

Needless to say, I felt extremely uncomfortable, Adult looking nsa Samoa California 95564 required several fortifying glasses of wine before I was willing to participate in any of the above without staring open mouthed and stifling the urge to squeal involuntarily. By the end of the night, I was intoxicated, hypnotized, and wanted to know absolutely everything there was to know about this stranger who had dropped me into this friendly, seductive, dark world that I knew existed, but had never sought out on my own.

I would bring him copious amounts of buttery pastry from the bakery, and he would tantalize me, care for me, and support me, seemingly without limit. He was used to partners hating his vulnerability, and categorizing it as weakness instead of strength and a bid for connection. You see, the only thing he ever really promised me was emotional support. At the unfortunate young age of sixteen, he had lost his mother to cancer, and his relationship with both his biological father and step father were never conducive to what you would call love in a palpable sense. At one point he even confided in me that he was going to attempt to curb his vulnerability and focus purely on the person Naughty wives want nsa Huntsville Alabama he wanted to appear to be — strong, a caretaker, secure, and completely in control.

I learned this the hard way: if someone shows up completely for me in my hour of need, and offers their traumatic experience Single women seeking casual sex Levis Quebec collateral for my own, I cannot prevent my brain from creating a fantasy of them.

At the time, I referred to that fantasy as love. Yes, I loved the way that he identified with my grief. I felt immensely grateful for the way he always listened, held, and shared with me about his own experience.

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I felt indebted to him for the way that he let Sexy single girls Binghamton New York stay in his house in a separate bedroomthe weekend that my father passed away, and held me as I sobbed into him with no intention of stopping.

I loved the connection that this bred between us, and the way that he would literally take control of me physically, and take the responsibility of dealing with my own feelings completely out of my hands. The BDSM heightened this experience of power exchanged between us, and allowed me a feeling of safety and surrender that I craved at the time.

I loved the idea of him as savior and protector of my feelings. He always picked up the phone. He always talked me through whatever was happening, and purported to value communication above all else.

However, the more our relationship progressed, the more I saw this value in communication as more of a need to assert his own boundaries and his own point of view over mine. The closer we got, and Hot ladies seeking nsa Joliet Illinois more I asked for, the less time he seemed to have for me.

I fell in love with a fantasy: my first experience with non-monogamy

Of course…what I needed then was not really that relationship. Instead of forming an equal partnership based on mutual love, transparency, and understanding, my romantic partner replaced the need I had for a father figure at the time. By martyring my own wants and needs for his, I was also robbing him of what he was searching for.

I ended up breaking all the rules and boundaries that he set out from our Lady want hot sex VT North bennington 5257 date in Volunteer park, and falling in love. My therapist had been telling me that I was already falling in love with him for some time, and I had conveniently chosen to ignore her.

How dare I share my love with him! Where vulnerability would be valued instead of Sexy wife seeking sex Charlottesville, where boundaries around my own feelings would be kept, and my ability to take care of myself would be trusted.

What else could I have expected? Sounds familiar, right?

You see, by martyring my own wants and needs for his, I was also robbing him of what he was searching for, and he was not shy in telling me Meet for sex in pateros washington. His reaction was not exactly welcome, but neither was it unwarranted. Our foray into non-monogamy together had turned into a toxic, codependent mess, and we were both to blame.

Him for care-taking me and hiding himself away, and me for projecting my wants onto him without being honest about them. What did I learn from this extremely painful year and a half?

Let the fantasy die

Which Adamstown MD sex dating now know is the single most important thing for me to identify when entering any sort of relationship. Sex and love are both incredibly important to me, and I still firmly believe I cannot have one without the other.

I choose to commit to a healthy kind of love. Get started. Open in app. Leigh Huggins. in Get started. Get started Open in app. I fell in love with a fantasy: my first experience with non-monogamy. More from Leigh Huggins Follow. More From Medium. Why We Fall In Love.

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