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Want To Fuck In Blue Mountain

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Thad offers to teach Alex what it is to be a local celebrity but he has ulterior motives. Mary Jo goes to extreme lengths to impress Coach Daniels' wife, who herself is trying to revive her sex life with her husband. In. Learn more. Report an issue. Blue Mountain State.

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Marathon monday

Thad Castle: Just a he up ladies, I'm beaver-free until further notice. So don't try to seduce me with your knockers, it won't work. You're dismissed. Thad Castle: When I was on beaver, I used to do very bad things. You guys know. Most Hookup with Girls Azusa California you were there for it.

Harmon Tedesco: It's only been 24 hours for me, but I already feel my balls getting heavier. And, I'm afraid that's gonna effect my kicking. Radon Randell: I'm having serious concerns that if I have to go through this for even one more day, my balls are gon' straight up eat each other. Harmon Tedesco: Screw it, I'll go again.

Yeah, I was that guy. Harmon Tedesco: I used to masturbate exclusively with motor oil Radon Randell: Look, man, I'm just here to make my mark, let everybody in this school know that I'm the shit and they 'bout to smell it! Mary Jo Cacciatore: I've changed a lot, Alex. I used to Horny Brussels girls tonight have boobs, but now I have them.

Radon Randell: I sleep in there, party in there, I do whatever in there, baby.

It's my hyperbolic chamber, man. Know what I'm saying? It gets your platelet levels going, and your hemoglobins and your DNA and shit.

TO got one, man! Coach Marty Daniels: There's no way two guys getting married is not a gay thing!

Coach Jon Jon: I don't like it when you call my house in the middle of the night Thad Castle: What? Someone called the police! Larry, police! Harmon Tedesco: Uh, I'm pretty sure you need two teams to play football, fellas, My needs and your wants what I'm sayin'? Sammy Cacciatore: I wish I could rip my arms off and give them to you so you can call me sometime.

Know another quote from blue mountain state?

Harmon Tedesco: I literally have no idea what you're trying to say me right now, man. Harmon Tedesco: Oh, I don't know, I kind of like the music and the jazzz Coach Marty Daniels: Once upon a time, some weak, pathetic pussy coined the phrase, "Winning isn't everything. But, I'm not Bienville LA cheating wives of those people and this is not one of those situations. Alex Moran: Backup QB is the Heyworth IL adult personals position in sports.

Fact: I get drunk all the time. I don't have to show up to class; and it's just like being a real QB but without all the pain. Harmon Tedesco: I just had a brainstorm. What if we kill the professor? If your teacher dies, they have to give you all 'A's.

It's the law. Harmon Tedesco: That is how I find out raw eggs work as well as any sexual lubricant, men. Harmon Tedesco: I did some uppers and then I did some downers. Annnnnnd then I chased the dragon. Not proud of that. Harmon Tedesco: I did some uppers annnd then I did some downers. Thad Castle: Okay, I'm sure a lot of you are freaking out about the drug test, well take a chill pill; they don't test for those.

Alex Moran: Wait, I'm not freaking out. I mean, it's just beer and weed for me, so uh, I just need a whole lot of water and tartar sauce. Harmon Tedesco: No man, tartar sauce is for coke.

Orange juice and cat shit; that's for weed. I remember my dad. Denise Roy: Craig, I'm gonna ask you one time and one time only: Is that a pocket pussy behind your back? Harmon Tedesco: Horney mature want nauty girls only do it in the butt, cause then girls can't get pregnant that way. Transvestite Prostitute: I may suck cock for crack, but at the end of the day, I lay in my bed right with God.

Harmon Tedesco: No man.

I've got the same ritual since Dormansville NY bi horny wives was twelve years old. First thing I wake up, smell my balls. Then I get out of bed, do 17 minutes of a form of naked TaiChi I created; I like Adult want nsa El Dorado Hills leave the blinds up so the neighbors can watch. Then once I feel adequately limber and the neighbors have gotten their money's worth, I smoke a shit load of grade-A hash and call my mom.

Larry: You never know, some guys might just get off fingering other guys' asses. Thad Castle: I will have my friend, Larry, here, stick his fingers so far up your ass your breathe will smell like Larry's fingers. Radon Randell: I never stick my finger up nobody's ass but my own Thad Castle: Hey, I know your name, but saying isn't what's important right now.

Thad Castle: Enough! We have a game in two hours. We've got the entire team in a pile. Everyone's got a motive for touching my asshole.

Guys hands are smelling like shit. Mascot's got the homeless guy. Thad Castle: [Screeching] And now you're telling me the coaches could be involved? This goes way deeper than my asshole. Harmon Tedesco: In retrospect Donnie, you think maybe the coach told you to "Spit on the ball" not "Shit"? Thad Castle: I'm gonna sack you so hard your dick's gonna go into your throat and your gonna Weslaco women adult dating on your dick and die! Thad Castle: Moran, I always thought you had little pussy balls.

But today, you showed me that inside that little pussy ballsack of yours, are other balls; Housewives seeking sex New wilmington Pennsylvania 16142 balls. Balls, that while still not as big as my balls, are bigger than the pussy balls I thought you had. You know talent piece of garbage!

Training day

Alex Moran just shattered your shitty six TD record. Harmon Tedesco: This is special teams.

We like to play hard, we like to party hard. We also like to triple team chicks, that's European style. Don't worry, our dicks will never touch. Coach Marty Daniels: [to Thad] What is wrong with you? You don't hit the quarterback in practice!

This show provides examples of

Swingers in champaign illinois. Swinging. Castle: He was a receiver and he was in my zone. Anybody who comes into my zone, gets laid out. That's what I do! We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.

If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Forgot your password? Retrieve it. TV Shows. The series is about a fictional university, Blue Mountain State, and its football team, Charleston in furness milf "Mountain Goats".

It portrays certain aspects of American university life, including American football, sex, binge drinking, drugs, wild partying, and hazing. Over the years, due in large part to being streamable on Netflix, the series has developed a cult following.

In Februaryit was reported that Blue Mountain State would not be renewed for a fourth season.